Buffalo is world famous for its long winters and brutal snowstorms. The weather typically starts to moderate in early March, and all those people who have spent the winter indoors, with quick trips outside to shovel snow, are itching for an excuse to blow off steam with a big party. This, combined with the city’s large Irish population, means that Saint Patrick’s Day on March 17th is one of the largest events and parties of the year.

The Töad Meädow Arts Collective’s Parade Float in 2016.

There are two large annual parades that draw tens of thousands of people, who party for the duration of the parades, and then party even more at local bars in Allentown or other neighborhoods. The event is a cash cow for local businesses, who rely on the revenues from that day.

Flyer advertising a Saint Patrick's party at a bar in Buffalo.
Saint Patrick’s Day business is to bars what Christmas is to retailers. This flyer advertises a typical promotion.

Both parades were canceled, though bars remained open, but only allowed to be filled to 50% capacity. The streets in the normally bustling Allentown neighborhood were nearly empty.

2020 Buffalo Saint Patrick’s “Celebration”

Saint Patrick’s Days from Prior Years

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